Language Boosters-Alphabet (CE01008)

Language Boosters-Alphabet (CE01008)

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Skills Developed:

• Reinforce the knowledge of Alphabet
• Language Skills
• Vocabulary
• Visual Discrimination
• Problem Solving

More Info:

‘Language Boosters 3 in 1 - Alphabet’ comprises 3 different games. Children will first play and practice with three different puzzles and their corresponding play boards.
1) In each puzzle, children match the small letter or picture-word printed on the back of each puzzle piece to the corresponding capital letter or the same sound picture word on the playboard with the picture side facing up. When all the letters and the picture words are correctly matched, a beautiful picture will be formed.
2) Then from the assembled puzzle, children find and name picture words that begin with the related letters printed on the top of the puzzle.
3) Finally, they check their answers from the coloring posters and color them neatly.